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Well, well, well. Look what I found in Knockturn Alley last evening, going about my business.

It's rather nice to see the Ministry appreciates me.
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Cut for gruesomeness )

He should have stepped down. They're only delaying the inevitable....and letting more of them die while they wait.
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My Lord has made an announcement to the entire Ministry this afternoon. He has demanded that Fudge step down and forfeit his position as Minister of Magic to the Dark Lord.

He has a full day to decide. Otherwise, my Lord is going to allow us to strike Muggle London.

If you're reading this Dumbles, I do hope you convince Fudge to do the right thing. Otherwise, quite a lot of your darling Muggles will die and I'm sure you'd hate to see that, wouldn't you?
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[Video shows Bellatrix, smirking a little at the camera, except she seems different than usual. For one thing, she's much better kempt; she looks less like a prison escapee and more like there's been actual thought and effort put into her appearence. She's wearing a military-style jacket over a long, expensive-looking green dress, her wand attached to her belt.]

I understand that this must be some sort of virus. Still, I cannot complain; I'd much prefer more viruses like this one.

[She smiles, baring her teeth.] My Lord is the current High Chancellor of England; I am the Head of Magical Law Enforcement. Look.

[She carries the book to a window; down far below, there seems to be some sort of army training exercise going on. Overseeing the whole thing is Voldemort, looking far less reptilian than usual.]

Isn't it cunning? He has the Muggleborn scum sent to camps where they learn to become soldiers and laborers. We're gaining quite the army; my Lord has plans to start conquests soon.

It's too bad this can only last a few days. I rather like this way of things.

((Basically: Voldemort took over the Ministry of Magic sometime in the 80s, and was never defeated by baby Harry Potter.))


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