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[The post opens with the sounds of someone letting out a sharp cry of pain, along with the sounds of a magic spell being unleashed; it lasts for several seconds, before it's quiet again.]

"Better. Still not completely sealed, but better."

[A young, male voice grunts something about stopping for the day, making Bellatrix snap.]

"No! You're still vulnerable, and you want to quit? You think this is hard?! It will only be harder when he's the one trying to read your mind! And what do you think will happen if he succeeds? The best case is that he will hinder you at every step, and the worst is that he will report you to Dumbledore!"

[She huffs.] "Unless you'd prefer to go to Azkaban for all this. Perhaps you might even be able to wave hello to your father before you're dragged to your cell."

[There's a long moment of silence before the other voice makes a noise of assent. The post ends with the sound of crackling magic as Bellatrix incants, 'Legilimens!']
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Cut for gruesomeness )

He should have stepped down. They're only delaying the inevitable....and letting more of them die while they wait.
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My Lord has made an announcement to the entire Ministry this afternoon. He has demanded that Fudge step down and forfeit his position as Minister of Magic to the Dark Lord.

He has a full day to decide. Otherwise, my Lord is going to allow us to strike Muggle London.

If you're reading this Dumbles, I do hope you convince Fudge to do the right thing. Otherwise, quite a lot of your darling Muggles will die and I'm sure you'd hate to see that, wouldn't you?
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Narcissa will not stop crying. Not since the battle. Lucius, her husband, the twat, managed to get himself arrested and locked in Azkaban after letting the Ptter boy break the prophecy.

She thinks that the Dark Lord will punish Lucius through her or through her son, but I know that the Dark Lord would not lay a hand on any kin of mine. In fact, he wants to give Draco to prove himself a better man than his father.

...this is good. The battle may have not ended well, but this is a good thing. We no longer need to hide. We no longer need to pretend not to exist, to sit in shadows and do nothing while the Order roams free.

My Lord already has plans to strike at the Ministry. We can finally start to truly begin our revolution.

It is a good thing.


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